Dolls and puppets

Dolls for all ages, classic dolls, interactive dolls, dolls collection, doll, corolle doll, anne geddes babies, accessories for dolls like clothing, bag... But also puppets these small dolls for the hands with which we like to invent any kind of play.

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  • Classic dolls and infants

    A child's first doll is an unforgettable gift. Often offered at the first annversaire or on a special occasion, it remains the must-have toy! 

    Doll or baby for girl or boy, they are all ready to be cuddled, coiffed, dressed ... for hours of play and tenderness.

  • Corolle dolls

    Choose your child's doll from this pretty selection of Corolle doll at a low price... The darlings doll, baby Corolle, baby, baby, Babypouce and many more! 

  • Anne Geddes dolls

    Anne Geddes is a famous Australian photographer specializing in photographs of newborns who puts them in scenes in costumes of animals rabbit, bear ... in unusual situations in an old basin ...

    These famous shots have been turned into equally cute dolls to collect. 

  • Collectible dolls

    Enter the world of collectible dolls ... a world of glitter and magic to illuminate the eyes of small and large collectors. Barbie collector doll, artist doll, antique doll ... 

    These dolls are not meant to be played but exhibited. 

  • Model dolls

    Buy pretty model dolls on Doudoutheque - co, Barbie doll, vintage doll or collection, there are for little and big girls!

  • Rag dolls

    The rags and fabric dolls, are all soft dolls, easy to catch and suitable for small children as well as adults!

  • Puppets

    Discover all our puppet toys, invent new stories with your child with a possible staging with these puppets with hands, fingers or puppet theatre.

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items