Plush advertising


Plush advertising

Check out the advertising stuffed on Doudoutheque & Co SOS lost doudou shop.

Brands don't lack ideas to attract their customers or make them little gifts here so the fluff has referred advertising! 

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  • Food

    Check out our range of food advertising plush toys. Advertising for chocolate, restaurants, dairy products, sweets ... plush toys made by big brands like Kinder, The Laughing Cow, M-M's ... 

  • Banks and insurance

    Check out our banks and insurance advertising plush toys. Credit Mutuel, Les, Crédit Agricole, Societe Generale and others! 

  • Parapharmacy - Beauty

    Discover the range of soft toys and stuffed animals sold in pharmacies like Arthur and Lola, Luke and Leah, Mustela, Pediatrics ...

  • Sports

    Check out our sports theme advertising plush. Toys for football, leagues, rugby, tennis or even motorsport it's here! 

  • House

    Discover a wide selection of plush advertisements on the theme of the house as laundry brands, TV shows, clothing ... 

  • Travel - Transportation

    Advertising toys for viyages and transport. Hotel, airline, vehicles, parks, zoo, country, holiday centers, Shipping companies, leisure ... discover the pub stuffed animals of the biggest brands!