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  • Absorba

    The brand Absorba is a French brand that started creating clothing and Pajamas for baby in 1949. Isn't that in 2012 the brand absorbed launches its line of gigoteuses childcare, buntings, sheets, cushions... and of course it will be supplemented by a collection of stuffed and Doudou all too soft than the other. The doudou Absorba is a quality comforter. Absorbed offers our babies of stuffed animals all soft but also of music, Don lange, the rattle, the mobile flat doudou doudou doudou boxes... Everyone can find the tenderness he needs for a good night.

  • Ajena Teddy

    The bear brand is a French brand founded in 1962. The teddy bear company represents several brands including the brand Ajena born in the 1970s and bought by Teddy in 1989. The Ajena brand produced in 1979 the famous Ajena Kiki licensed which a was a real success in France. Teddy produced under license the fluff of "Bread and chocolate" or "Behind closed doors". Ajena marsupilami plush also had a big hit with the kids. But the manufacturer bear made licensed stuffed animals like Snoopy, Babar and the marsupilami... but also of the advertising fluff like the Peugeot lion, Lyon credit, the mascots for the boats of the Navy... Large stuffed animals Teddy and Ajena brands specialist have many products to their assets: the teddy bears, stuffed animals, licenses do not forget comforters. The plush teddy bear brand is a French plush quality having made several generation of children happy. Many of us will end up in the Ajena Teddy plush.

  • Auchan

    Doudoutheque & Co offers several models of brand doudou Auchan. Famous group Auchan Superstore sells of course some comforters stuffed animals cheap and discount price for the family budget. Be it a blankie, a traditional plush, a musical plush, a plush of awakening, a flat blanket, a stuffed animal hero or simply his favorite animal. find your Auchan doudou on our shop comforter and plush. If you do not find your dog please contact SOS doudou.

  • Babou

    Doudoutheque & Co offers its Doudou Babou category. The doudou Babou comes in different shapes, colors or animals. It is often the comforters small a good quality price. You can't find the doudou Babou of your child? Contact our SOS doudou service we help you find your lost doudou a.

  • Baby Club by C & A

    Discover comforters and fluff brand Baby Club, C & A store brand. 

  • Baby Nat'

    Baby Nat' is a brand that specializes in the blankies for baby. Binky Baby Nat is designed in a fabric soft tender and harmonious colours so that baby will appreciate it at its fair value. The brand Baby Nat' is part of the Group Don and company. The quality of the blankie Baby Nat' as well as its low price enabled them to be offered in the shops of large surfaces such as Leclerc, Carrefour or Super U. Baby Nat' offers a wide selection of comforters and also pretty collections as the other. We can find a luminescent doudou, a hand puppet doudou, a more classic doudou, a blanket of awakening... If you do not find your Baby Nat Don ' do not hesitate to contact our SOS doudou service by contacting us by phone or email.

  • Babysun / TIgex

    Here is the babysun brand, it is well known for its colorful toys in a soft universe for baby to flourish safely. Check out our offer of Babysun's soft and plush toys as well as the wake-up toys. 

  • Casino - Dream baby

    The Bebereve brand is distributed by Casino stores, it is a brand dedicated to the world of infants layette, childcare, blankie, stuffed... Here, we offer a wide choice of comforter and plush Bebereve Casino. 

  • Baby 9

    Baby 9 is one of the largest specialist of the baby universe. It's a well-known store brand that offers of childcare, toys of Awakenings, the comforters, stuffed animals... 

    They have developed their own line and that's what we offer here. Doudou dish baby 9, doudou of awakening, stuffed... 

  • Bengy

    This Bengy is a specialist toy for baby brand. It offers plush, the comforter and accessories. Find your Bengy doudou on our store by browsing this category.

  • Berlingot

    What pretty Berlingot brand! Doudou tie pacifier, plush, handkerchief, flat doudou doudou... Berlingot is a range of funny and soft blankie! These are comforters from quality pou cuddle baby. 

  • Bout'chou Monoprix

    Discover our selection of end Don ' cabbage Monoprix. The end mark ' cabbage is distributed by Monoprix stores, it's a brand for babies who made comforters and fluff. Shades of pastel colors, from gray, to white... a world of sweetness for your child. 

  • Bukowski

    Check out this beautiful collection of stuffed Bukowski. Too cute stuffed animals and also pretty soft than the other to melt your heart and cuddle baby.

    Your bear is the the most faithful friend that you might have. Tell him all your secrets, it will keep them forever. He will never abandon you or get away to follow his own adventures.

  • Cadet Rousselle

    Find your Cadet Rousselle doudou on our online store. Cadet Rousselle is a brand for kids clothing but also from blanket and plush. 

  • Carré Blanc

    Discover the comforters and fluff square white designed especially for your kids with the greatest care. The Carreblanc doudou is a very soft tender colors quality blanket. 

  • Casino / simply

    The brand simply is a brand of the Casino group. Discover comforters and fluff brand Casino everything simply on our store. 

  • Don sly

    The shop Catimini dressed children but she also sells some Sly doudou. Don sly fun and velvet looking a Catimini doudou in particular? Contact our lost SOS doudou

  • CMP / awakening and...

    All comforters and fluff of the awakening and tenderness CMP brand are on Doudoutheque & co. 

  • Corolla

    Plush, doudou,... of the corolla brand doll for sale on our website. Here are all of the corolla of opportunity products or nine. 

  • CP International

    Discover our international range of plush and Don of the CP brand. 

  • Dani creations

    The brand Creations Dani lint are adorable animal plush, soft, beautiful and always endearing. Discover our Creations Dani stuffed animals like the chamois, the ibex, bear... the memories of holiday!

  • Creativtoys

    Discover our range of plush and Don of the brand Creativtoys for sale on our site. 

  • Dimpel

    Discover our range of plush and doudou Dimpel brand. Classic stuffed animals all soft. 

  • Dodo of love / MGM

    Browse our brand Dodo of love products / MGM and find your blankie! 

  • Don and company

    Don and company is the specialist in the security blanket for baby. Its fun and colorful characters are so soft that baby can no longer do without! Doudou puppet, musical comforter or blanket ultra-soft baby take everywhere: comforters take various forms thanks to Don and company! Don and company carries a special care to each of his creations. The evidence is the exceptional sweetness of his comforters. More brand was able to create his own universe through gentle, humorous, childlike colors and all the collections proposed. You can't find your doudou Doudou and company? Contact our lost SOS doudou

  • Doukidou

    Check out all of our blanket and plush Doukidou here. Rabbit, dog, bear... occasion or nine. 

  • DPAM / of the same

    Discover the collection DPAM... Don, plush, rabbit, bear. A rich smooth and very colorful selection! 

  • Etam

    Undisputed leader of women's lingerie, Etam offers also some comforters range Pajamas heating pad for children

  • Fizzy

    Fizzy is a brand that sells chocolates and sweets, during the holidays they regularly associate stuffed animals with their products.

  • Gipsy

    Browse our selection of Gipsy brand products.

  • Grain of wheat / Zannier

    Discover all our soft toys and plush sofas from the brand Grain de Wheat on Doudoutheque - Co, lost softie, double of softie, collection of plush ...

  • Happy Horse

    Plush and blankie Happy Horse for sale on Doudoutheque & Co. find the lost blankie Happy Horse of your child and comfort your baby. 

  • History of bear

    I'll tell you a story... of bears! Home history of bear bears come to infinity classic plush, Don, white, Brown, mini, giant... But these little bears could not live alone then new friends are outer. Rabbit, mouse, squirrel and many others came to play with the cute little cubs.

    History of bear is a high-end brand in the world of plush with a unique know-how

  • H & M / HM

    The H & M brand is a chain of stores dedicated to clothing for the whole family. But also of accessories of all kinds including the blankies and stuffed animals for our little ones! 

  • IKEA

    the Ikea brand is a chain of stores for home. Furniture, ornament, decoration... IKEA offers a space for children including their room with a few toys and comforters. 

  • IKKS

    Discover comforters and fluff the IKKS brand. Based on his experience in clothing, accessories, but also perfume, IKKS offers also blankies for baby for sale. 

  • Jacadi

    Jacadi is a brand for children. Clothing, shoes, bed, room... but also a plush and doudou to be used for decoration or simply to comfort baby.

    High quality brand Jacadi offers comforters very gentle and very secure and lint. 

  • Jellycat

    Jellycat is a brand English created in 1999 offering a range of pop Teddy British in a style full of humor, originality and especially softness. 

    Plush of very high quality with beautiful finishes with a wide choice of models, from collection and full of different animals! 

  • Jemini

    Jemini is a brand of doudou and well-known plush. Jemini brand is in collaboration with a vast majority of licenses including the most famous like Disney. She has also developed its own range with the Gloworm or Jemini Doudou.

  • J Line

    J-Line brand specializes in selling items of decoration trends and quality in the world of the home. 

    Brand Oscar succeeded has become the reference in plush and doudou of J-line, it offers bears but many other companions! 

  • Kaloo

    Kaloo who? Kaloo, a history of French, love passion and dream, to offer toddlers of the sweet and enchanting universe that meet their needs in terms of awakening, of health and safety. For more than 16 years, the iconic bear brand has become unavoidable in the universe of the soft toy and textile "around the bed. Kaloo is now distributed in over 40 countries.

  • Roumanoff Katherine

    Katherine Roumanoff is creative designer for baby. She designs everything for babies of the House, to the meals, to the toilet product through comforters and fluff.

    She works in collaboration with major retailers such as Moulin Roty Baby Nat', Casino... where she draws them exclusive collections. 

    It is also the creator of Dim Dam Doum and the small comforters. 

  • Kiabi / Jogystar

    Discover our Kiabi Jogystar baby products. Blanket and plush are here! 

  • Kimbaloo

    Kimbaloo is the brand dedicated to babies in the Halle shops. Clothing, plush, doudou, lange... 

  • The Galleria

    The La Galleria brand, provided a wide range of Teddy and blanket for baby or for interior decoration since 1995. 

  • Hall / Brioche

    The Hall with his Brioche collection offers soft comforters. Animals to comfort baby. 

  • Lascar
  • The deglingos

    The Deglingos: Funny animals, foldingos but not creepy. The Deglingos are a unique species of animals, contaminated by the acute rigolote. They speak their own language, which is to complete some words by "os" and live in the best toy stores.

  • The small Mary

    The little Mary (puppet in old french) are too cute plush and doudou MADE IN FRANCE. 100% French manufacturing that meet safety standards. 

    The small Mary will offer you all kinds of stuffed and collection. Long legs, puppet, velvet, cotton, retro bears... 

    Mr. and Mrs. Raynaud creators are originally Nicolas, Burnet and good night's Teddy small characters. But also Emilie pretty in the 1970s, Babar, Baby Dior and then many mascots for brands like Michelin, Lancel, Le Crillon... It's really a mark of confidence. 

  • Lilliputians

    Lilliputian is a brand founded in 1995 by two friends moms Belgian. The brand specializes in toys in fabrics dyed in different subjects...

  • Lombok / The Plushies...

    Discover Lombok Plushies Collection brand products.

  • Marese

    Marèse brand is well known in the fashion world. But it offers also some products such as soft toys and comforters.

  • Maxita

    Maxita is a company located in the Paris region. The brand was founded in 1945, it specializes in stuffed animals, but it also offers the childcare...

  • Words of children /...

    Words of children is a trademark of the baby of the Leclerc store aisle. Diapers, clothes and childcare we find of course the blankies and stuffed animals for baby.

  • Moulin Roty

    Moulin Roty is a pretty French brand children's toys and childcare articles created in 1972 combining tradition and modernity with great tenderness. Moulin Roty offers a wide range of comforters, musical toys, dolls in fabrics, toys of awakening, carpets of awakening, mobiles, furniture for children and backpacks customized colors different collections:

  • Nattou

    The plush Nattou will quickly become nicer sound Companion. Make the roules-boules on the large carpet of activities or tenderly to sleep with his favorite blankie will to him new nice activities... Nattou range developed in Europe and meets all European standards of quality.

  • Nature and discovery

    Discover a range of plush and doudou in Nature & discoveries for sale here and find your lost dog.

  • Natures Purest

    The Natures Purest brand offers a range of blanket and plush organic cotton of fair production and certified to GOTS. In respect of nature it offers a quality product, the child of an infinite sweetness and without chemicals! Natures Purest also offers a wide selection of products for the room: sleepingbag, toys of Awakenings...

  • Nicotoy

    Nicotoy is a brand of Belgian created in 1987. Comforters and stuffed animals for baby specialist brand offers many different models like dog, rabbit, bear flat blankie, stuffed of awakening, rattle...

  • Noukie's

    Noukie's is a brand that was born in 1996 in Belgium. Specialist for babies, she offers a wide range with the doudou, plush, clothing, childcare, mattresses, toy of awakening... Whatever it takes to accommodate baby in softness.

  • Obaïbi

    The brand Obaïbi (and Okaïdi) is a designer brand clothing for baby and child but also small childcare as the blanket or plush.

  • Orchestra / Prémaman

    The brand Orchestra offers a whole range of nursery for baby and created the Prémaman brand. At the cutting edge of fashion with high color clothing she offers stuffed animals, some comforters, accessories for future MOM...

  • Ouatoo Baby / Logitoys

    Ouatoo Baby is a brand owned by maxi Toys, whose logistics warehouse is called Logitoys. Maxi Toys is of Belgian origin.

  • Oxybul / Fnac...

    The Fnac awakening and games brand becomes Oxybul awakening and games after are in 2010. This brand sells toys for children in the store and online. Games of awakening, ludo-educational games, stuffed animal, blankie, books... Find out in this part the fluff and comforters of the brand.

    But don't forget to take a ride in the "Toys and games" category for the rest! 

  • Small boat

    Small boat is a French brand of clothing and underwear for children founded in 1920.  Wishing to expand his range a bit she offers the same quality for adults and created a few stuffed animals and blanket for baby.

  • Cheekbone / Intermarché

    Discover the cheekbone brand for Intermarche stores. Cheekbone is the brand of the ray baby blankie, stuffed, toy... 

  • Primark Early Days

    The Primark brand is a British brand. Still little developed in France but that meeting a great success. The Primark store is essentially a ready-to-wear boutique. But you will find at Primark also of linens, shoes and especially the comforters! also known under the brand name Early Days. Primark comforters are easy on the theme of animals: cat, sheep, bird, dog, hedgehog, bear... version large format cover or comforter handkerchief. Do not hesitate to contact our SOS for a lost doudou doudou and where double would not be in this category.

  • Rodadou Roda

    Specializing in plush souvenirs the plush brand Rodadou Roda is a French family business founded in 1984. The brand has enjoyed a great success with the plush snowman Bouli who has made a cartoon appear in 1988. 

    Since the brand specializes in cuddly souvenirs with a range of products for each region such as the Stork for Alsace, the Groundhog for the mountain... It has also produced specific requests for sites like Marineland for example. 

  • Sanrio

    Sanrio is a Japanese at the origin of several characters like Hello Kitty or Monkichi. 

  • Sauthon

    Sauthon is a famous French brand of furniture for children, but also the comforters...

  • Sergeant Major

    Sergeant Major a brand to awaken baby. Plush toy, doudou, nursery... find your blanket here. 

  • Simba Toys / Simba Dickie

    Discover comforters and fluff the Simba Toys brand! Simba Toys brings together a large number of brand like Kiabi or Nicotoy. Simba Toys is also part of the Simba Dickie group. The doudou Simba Toys is a quality blanket that meets safety standards. 

    looking for a Simba Toys blankie or a blankie Simba Dickie? Contact our lost SOS doudou service we are here to help you! 

  • Sigikid

    Discover products Sigikid on Doudoutheque & co, filled with softness and designed for children to make them happy, the Sigikid brand offers a nice range of blanket and plush. 

  • Soft Friends

    How not to fall for these fluff for incomparable softness of brand Soft Friends? baby can do the full of tenderness with various animals like rabbit, panda, bear, Tiger and many others!

  • Barley sugar

    Find all of our candy CANE, stuffed animals, toys of Awakenings blankies...

  • System U

    System U is a brand of the Super U stores, you will find some comforters and stuffed animals sold in these stores. 

  • Takinou

    Discover comforters and fluff Takinou brand on sale here.

  • Flashy

    Created in 1993 the brand Pat in the eye is a complete brand that offers clothing, some comforters, soft toys, accessories...

  • Bread and chocolate

    The brand bread and chocolate is dedicated to the child universe. Clothing through the bread and chocolate baby room also offers the soft toys and comforters in a chic spirit and beautiful. 

  • Baby TeX / crossroads

    The Tex Baby brand is the brand of the Carrefour stores baby corner. It offers toys, stuffed animals, some comforters, childcare...

  • Tiamo

    Find the twin of your blankie lost among the stuffed animals or comforters of the Tiamo brand on sale here. 

  • Trousselier

    Trousselier is a brand created in 1971 and which offers all these years a wide range around babies. Plush, doudou, decoration of room... for a world of sweetness. 

  • Vertbaudet

    Vertbaudet is a great brand that specializes in the world of childhood. Clothing, blanket, plush, toys, decoration of room and many others! 

  • Clothing / Gemo

    Clothing is a brand of Gemo stores, discover their blanket and plush.

  • Vulli Sophie the giraffe

    Created in 1945 Vulli specializes in childcare and the toy first age. She founded the Delacoste company making toys rubber including the famous Sophie the giraffe. 

  • Zara Home

    Zara Home is also in the sale of doudou and stuffed for perfect baby's room. Check out their range.

  • Zeeman

    Zeeman is a discount store that offers among its wide range of comforters and fluff a small price. 


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