The puppets

Discover the Doudou puppet of Baby Nat' through the different collection. Doudou puppet Baby Nat' nature to doudou puppet Baby Nat' alphabet of course through the doudou puppet classic; they are all fun and sweet. What enchant your baby.

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  • Puppet Alphabet

    The puppet Alphabet Baby Nat collection' has several models over the years. The Alphabet Baby Nat puppet ' is about 28 cm and it is full of sweetness in its colors in its material. In the puppet Alphabet Baby Nat collection' we know the letter O as bear, V like cow, H for Hippo, E as in elephant, B as drone, P like hen, C as in cat, L like rabbit, like donkey... If it is missing the letter of your doudou puppet Alphabet Baby Nat' contact the SOS doudou!

  • Classic puppet

    The classic puppet Baby Nat collection' consists of several models. They measure every 25 cm. Find the bear Noah love sweets, the rabbit Barbouille painting, the Diabolo dog loves play, Nala mouse love chocolate, the Bonzai cat love gardening and Nina cow love hugs. But also the Cleo cat loves the sea, Fiona rabbit love kisses, dog Charly love cookies, Tomi bear love candy, the Cocci Ladybug love flowers, frog zoe love swimming, the Malice elephant love bathe, the lion Adam love circus ... Contact our SOS doudou service if you do not find your blankie.

  • Puppet Doubambins

    The puppet Doubambins Baby Nat collection' it's a corduroy comforter declined into different animals: Doubambin bear, frog Doubambin, Doubambin cow... Think has our SOS doudou service if you do not find your lost dog.

  • Puppet Nature

    The puppet nature Baby Nat Collection' it's 6 boyfriends: a pig, a giraffe, a bear, a rabbit, a dog, and a frog. Puppets baby nat' are about 25 cm, the reference of the collection is BN670. SOS lost doudou? contact our team help you find Don.

  • Mr and Mrs puppet

    The collection comforters puppet Mr. and Mrs. Baby nat' will you meet with a lot of new boyfriends. There's the puppet Mrs Meow, the puppet Mrs. rabbit, the puppet Mr. woof, the Mr. bear puppet, puppet Mr. Zèbre... they are all adorable and fun baby by telling him of Nice stories. You do not find your puppet Mr. and Mrs. Baby Nat'? contact SOS doudou.

  • Puppet a baby dream

    All comforters puppet one dream Baby Baby Nat' are here. With their bag of powder to sleep these little bears each have their color and have the mission to get baby to sleep. Shhh... If the preferred Sandman of your baby is lost contact us via SOS doudou lost service.