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  • Health book protections

    Check out all our baby health book protections. Soft velvet or fabrics. Matched to their soft or not ... 

  • Attached lollipop

    The pacifier clip this is the solution for no longer lose the pacifier! But also many parents attach the doudou. The pacifier attached can also be used to Don himself. 

  • Baby blankets

    Have a wide selection of baby blankets. Miracle, Cocobag, cover, plaid, quilt cover...

  • Baby sleepers

    Check out our baby sleepers. The SAC is used to replace the cloth or blanket. It reduces the risk of choking unlike the sheet that the baby would not a take off of his face. The bumpers or the SAC (as you prefer) also reduces the turbulence of baby in his sleep. 

  • Child Backpack

    Find a bag children backpack from this selection. Brand backpack or knapsack in the likeness of his character favorite you will find one that's right for you. The small child backpack are very practical for kindergarten or nursery. The blankie and a snack and we're ready! 

  • Night light baby

    Find the baby night light that will go perfectly with the rest of his room. The night light is a good solution to combat anxiety and night terrors. Reassuring and comforting it will help him fall asleep. 

  • Pajama range

    Check out our children's pajama stow. They are used to store his pajamas, his soft, his treasures or you can put a pocket of gel to make hot water ... he can even become a full-fledged softie! 

  • Baby memories

    Everything you need to keep baby memories is here. Treasure box, fingerprints, toothbox, birth book, photo album ...

  • Other

    Other baby childcare products. Tirelire, slippers, scarf, accessories, sofa, music box and many more!