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Find the latest toy in the toys 1 age for babies. Toys of Awakenings to awaken baby to different materials, different sounds, colourful... Toys easy to catch and safe! 

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  • Baby Rattle

    The rattle is an interesting toy that stimulates several baby sense: Yes, the view, touch and possibly smell. Around the age of 3 months baby can enter voluntarily the objects within its range, the rattle is the perfect toy for this age. Baby can handle, shake, nipping sucking his rattle in all directions, but his greatest pleasure rest either MOM or dad who was waving it. The greatest pleasure of baby's communication or interaction that is taking in place in him and you, because before all your baby research communication and Exchange, is what helps him to develop and grow. The soft rattle will remain a toy that your child will be able to manipulate and nipping throughout his first year. Some rattles can be placed in the refrigerator to relieve his gums during the teething.

  • Toy musical awakening

    Discover the toy of musical awakening as musical comforters, musical toys, plush to fall asleep...

  • Spirals of activities

    Spirals of activities, you can hang them in bed or the playard. They wake up and will entertain baby. Choose from the spirals of different brands and offer this spiral of activity for the birth or baby's birthday.

  • Fluff of activities

    Baby love these endearing characters stuffed with tons of activities. The plush is involved in the awakening of baby: rings of teeth, different fabrics and textures, bright colors and other fun activities.

  • Activity toys

    Discover the activities baby toy Department: carpets of awakening, play tables, interactive toys, abacus, pull toys, ect...