Ajena Teddy

The bear brand is a French brand founded in 1962. The teddy bear company represents several brands including the brand Ajena born in the 1970s and bought by Teddy in 1989. The Ajena brand produced in 1979 the famous Ajena Kiki licensed which a was a real success in France. Teddy produced under license the fluff of "Bread and chocolate" or "Behind closed doors". Ajena marsupilami plush also had a big hit with the kids. But the manufacturer bear made licensed stuffed animals like Snoopy, Babar and the marsupilami... but also of the advertising fluff like the Peugeot lion, Lyon credit, the mascots for the boats of the Navy... Large stuffed animals Teddy and Ajena brands specialist have many products to their assets: the teddy bears, stuffed animals, licenses do not forget comforters. The plush teddy bear brand is a French plush quality having made several generation of children happy. Many of us will end up in the Ajena Teddy plush.

SOS doudou plush Ajena Teddy

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