The plush Nattou will quickly become nicer sound Companion. Make the roules-boules on the large carpet of activities or tenderly to sleep with his favorite blankie will to him new nice activities... Nattou range developed in Europe and meets all European standards of quality.

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  • Billy and Babette -...

    The Collection of Billy and Babette Nattou doudou is a Billy Boy and his girlfriend daughter Babette. Two friends in red, orange, pink tones that are available in different models of doudou. Doudou flat Billy and Babette Nattou, doudou puppet Billy and Babette Nattou, plush Billy and Babette Nattou, Billy and Babette Nattou, doudou Babette awakening toys... If you do not find your Billy Don and Babette Nattou contact our SOS doudou, we will help you in your research.

  • Emil and Rosy

    Rosy the fawn and Emil the rabbit. Rosy and Emil, the two little friends of the gentle and cuddly forest will be Baby's companions from birth

  • Gaston and Cyril

    The Gaston and Cyril Nattou collection is a collection of plush and soft toys telling us the story of two friends: Gaston the horse and Cyril the dog. Two naughty friends in colors in turquoise and gray tones. They're two rascals who love to travel by train! Can't find your softie in the Gaston and Cyril Nattou collection? Contact our lost SOS softie service

  • Little Garden

    It is in the world of the farm that we immerse the Little Garden collection in a range of soft and classic colors.

  • Ducks NATTOU
  • Horses NATTOU
  • Dogs NATTOU
  • Crocodiles NATTOU
  • Elephants NATTOU
  • Giraffes NATTOU
  • Hedgehogs NATTOU
  • Rabbits NATTOU
  • Lions NATTOU
  • Sheep NATTOU
  • Bear NATTOU
  • Bee - Butterfly NATTOU
  • Mouse NATTOU
  • Cows NATTOU
  • Collection Bubbles NATTOU

    An elephant, it wrong a lot, riding on a bullet, hidden in the cover to langer, Teddy on a soft square, disguised as cube storage or on the round bed, he takes baby travel to the depths of his imagination. Check out all the Bubbles collection with the elephant, the mouse and the bee

  • Collection Cappuccino...
  • Oasis NATTOU collection

    The Oasis of Nattou collection is a lion, a giraffe and an elephant of all colors...

  • Collection Funny...

    It is in the universe of the farm we plunge the Funny Frmers collection in the colors acidulated as small candies with fruits

  • The Zamis NATTOU...

    The collection of Nattou Zamis is 3 cute little friends: the duck, cow and dog. In soft colors this collection comes in all kinds of products for the awakening and moments baby Cuddles.

  • Collection funny NATTOU

    The Jokers of Nattou collection is 3 boyfriends: a rabbit, an elephant and a horse. Stuffed animals in shades all soft pastel pink, blue and beige leading baby in a world of sweetness...

  • Pol and Jade NATTOU...

    Discover the collection Pol and Jade Nattou with Doudoutheque & Co. Pol and Jade are 2 very complicit friends. Pol is a bears and Jade a DOE. They love to have fun together and leave their fingerprints all over the place... Pol and Jade Nattou collection is a collection with warm colors in brown tones beige cream. Pol and Jade Nattou collection comes in different products: flat Pol, flat doudou doudou Jade, Pol bear plush, stuffed rabbit Jade, rocking Pol and Jade, games of Awakenings, mobile, spiral activity... Let me tell you that with all this Pol and Jade collection will be able to decorate a baby's room very easily. And if you can't find your blankie Pol or doudou Jade contact at the faster our SOS doudou service so that we may help you find it!

  • Collection Nice and Bo...

    The Belle and Bo Nattou collection is 2 very complicit friends. Beautiful is a cow and Bo is a dog. The beautiful cow and dog Bo are made in warm tones: orange, beige, Brown, bordeaux... With the beautiful and Bo Nattou collection offers games of Awakenings, the flat doudou doudou puppet, the flat semi doudou, mobile for baby bed, Ark of games, fluff... everything for baby's room. You do not find your blankie beautiful or your Bo doudou on our site? Contact our lost SOS doudou service, we're here to help!

  • Collection Hippo et...
  • Manon and Alizée...

    Manon and Alizée Nattou collection makes us discover two Tender characters and very girly with Manon the Hedgehog and Alizée cow. An entire collection in pink, purple and beige tones that will bring comfort and softness has your baby. 

  • Arthur and Louis...

    Discover the collection Arthur and Louis of Nattou. Arthur and Louis are two cute and tender friends. Arthur Zebra and Louis the rhino will go on an adventure with baby in a world of sweetness in blue, beige and orange tones. 

  • Collection Max, Noa &...

    Check out this pretty collection of Max, Noa & Tom of Nattou. Here are 3 little friends Max the dog, the bear Noa and Tom the horse in beige and white tones. A collection full of sweetness for the good be baby. 

  • Tim & Lily NATTOU...

    Tim & Lily are two little friends, a girl and a boy accompanied by their faithful dog. Tim & Lily of Nattou collection is made in warm colors like orange, red, yellow and even blue. Perfect for little girls or the small boy with car designs, the collection comes in flat blanket with attached pacifier, plush, plush of awakening, doudou semi flat...

  • Charlotte & Rose...

    Discover the beautiful Charlotte & Rose of Nattou collection. A sweet and endearing collection composed of a giraffe and an elephant. The pink elephant and giraffe Charlotte are both dressed in pink and flowers. 

  • Lapidou

    The collection of Don Lapidou is a range of pretty rabbits soft aus different colors there is something for everyone! 

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items