Comforters and fluff


Comforters and fluff

The toy is baby's first boyfriend. Little piece of fabric who becomes confidant, friend of games... He's taken everywhere, cuddled, chewed, sometimes lost... But the toy is essential to the development of baby "toy". Find the dog of your child among our comforters and stuffed animals sorted by brand and category. 

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  • Brands

    Our comforters and fluff classified by brand and category of animals, characters or collection... feel free to use the search bar at top right of the site or to contact the SOS doudou service.

  • Organic comforter

    Discover our selection of doudou bio issue of organic farming for the respect of nature and babies. Green comforters are natural without chemical products, linen 100% organic cotton or bamboo fiber... all keeping their sweetness for the convenience of all-small. 

  • Plush memories

    Plush memories is all the fluff we buy at our outings or trips. These plush gifts take family or memories that we offer has her child. You will find plush memories of the regions, the plush memories of the country, the amusement park, cities, museums...

  • Plush advertising

    Check out the advertising stuffed on Doudoutheque & Co SOS lost doudou shop.

    Brands don't lack ideas to attract their customers or make them little gifts here so the fluff has referred advertising! 

  • Vintage towels

    Check out our vintage, old or retro plush toys. Dating back to before the 1990s. Bisounours, Kiki, Puffalumps ... Will you find your childhood softie??

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item