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Books, games and toys

Browse through our categories of games and toys. The Doudoutheque opportunity toy specialist & co offers games and toys on the heroes of your children, board games, collection toys, vintage toys, educational games, figurines, dolls and mini universe...

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  • Pretend play

    The imitation toy occupies a large place in the lives of our children. Here you will find figurines of their heroes and their universe, the playmobil mini, disguises, kitchen and dinette, figurines of imaginary worlds... 

  • Dolls and puppets

    Dolls for all ages, classic dolls, interactive dolls, dolls collection, doll, corolle doll, anne geddes babies, accessories for dolls like clothing, bag... But also puppets these small dolls for the hands with which we like to invent any kind of play.

  • Board Games

    Find your family to play board games together! perfect to strengthen family ties and eliminate the bad habit of solitary games. Are you a game of Monopoly or challenge you to the game of Parcheesi and spend a time of fun with the family.

  • Educational games

    Nothing better than games to learn and have fun. Puzzle, electronic toys, Scientific Games, learn to write, count or read time, Awakenings books, history books or creative activities as much product to raise our children.

  • Constructions games

    With construction games, every child can express freely his creativity: each idea builds and takes life around stories full of humor and imagination. Discover construction such as Lego, Megabloks... or still models products...

  • Books and video games

    Discover in books and video games, books for children and video games like the DS console, the PlayStation...

  • Vintage toys

     Find all the worship of your childhood toys that will quickly fall back into the 60 to 90 with vintage toys. The toys of our memories are here for our greater happiness! 

    collection, toy collector, limited edition, your childhood toys, retro toys and old... this category will enchant young and old!

  • Wooden toys

    Find here all our wooden toys...